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Mugele of America Inc., Gainesville, GA, USA

Gainesville is located about 70 km north of Atlanta (the capital of the state of Georgia) at the southern extremity of the Appalachian Mountains. Thanks to its charming situation on the shores of Lake Lanier and the rivers that feed the lake, such as the Chattahochee River, the town attracts visitors from much farther afield than Atlanta.

In order to further develop our long-standing business relations with the United States, Mugele of America Inc. was founded in September 1997.

In July 1999, the employees took up residence in a new office building in Gainesville, Georgia, with an adjacent logistics center and warehouse.

Mugele of America Inc.
1245 Palmour Drive Suite E
Gainesville, GA 30501, USA
Tel. + 1 770 297 6966
Fax: + 1 770 297 1682
Correo electrónico: